A report on an Everythingoutdoors Navigation course on Lynne’s Blog
Lynne Taylor

“Attended a terrific day & night navigation course on Sunday run by Ian who is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The day lesson got me prepared for what was to come and in the dark we successfully plotted routes to boulders and plants which were invisible until we were right on top of them. Amazing you can do that with just a compass and a map. The moors seemed dark and unwelcoming at first but soon it was fun and I could enjoy such a wonderful remote place. I’m just sorry we woke-up so many Grouse from their beauty sleep Thanks!”
Charmaine Horsfall

I had a very enjoyable day on the hills with Ian last Thursday November 7th doing some micro navigation techniques as part of one of his courses. Ian’s a great communicator and is very knowledgable about the hills around Langsett and the surrounding area. Thanks to Ian my navigation skills and confidence have improved vastly and I would heartily recommend anyone wanting to brush up on their navigation skills to take one of Ian’s courses. Thanks again Ian!!
David Haffenden

Another Blog from The Brinsley runner, this time on an Everythingoutdoors Night Navigation course
Colin Ward

“My wife and I did a navigation course with Ian on Saturday. It was excellent. Ian is a knowledgeable guide and a really nice guy who loves the outdoors and can impart that love and knowledge. I had done some navigation before but my wife hadn’t; both of us benefitted hugely, and came away from the day much more knowledgeable and confident. We covered a lot of ground and the course was always interesting, we touched on wild foods, history and countless other topics as they arose throughout the day. We got more from the day than I hope thought possible and it was great fun. I highly recommend Ian. We shall being training with him again. ”
Tony and Hannah

Great course today Ian, thanks very much!!
Steve Sanders

“This was a great course and I’d highly recommend it – I went along to improve my map reading and learn how to use a compass rather than just carry it. Ian provided a wealth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm, including interesting info on the local plants and wildlife. Spending most of the day out on the hills really helped me get to grips with things by putting it into practice and I’ve come away looking forward to navigating rather than trying to avoid it!”  
Clare Ollife

“Absolutely brilliant navigation day! Thank you so much Ian!”
Sophie Maynard Wakefield Tri Club

“After a lovely soak in the bath and an afternoon nap, I am now fit enough to say a huge thank you to Ian and co for a fab day today. The pacing technique will be used in the next Haglof 5 series. WOW what a day, Thanks”
Mandy Greenaway Wakefield Tri Club

“Brilliant day out – learnt lots – Ian sure knows his stuff! Now to put it all into practice so as not to forget it all.”
Sandra Greaves Wakefield Tri Club

“Just to say thank you for a great weekend’s navigation training.  I found it very helpful to practise the things I’m not that good at, realised what I do know and be reminded about close observation! Thank you for an excellent  course,”  Silver Hill skills course  
Diana Proudfoot

“Fantastic day out. Well done everyone and thank you Ian.”
Phil Ellis Denbydale Travellers

“Thanks for the photos, they’re great and thank you again for today.  We all learned lots and had a fantastic time.  We will recommend your courses to anyone who asks and will put a write up in our newsletter. See you on the fells”
Jo Worboys  Denbydale Tavellers

“Thanks Ian. Loads learnt and a great out. Just need to practice now!”
Simon Browne

“Fantastic day Ian thank you again, great course”
Christian Vessay

“Great nav course today Ian. Thanks”
James Pierce

“Just to let you know that Carl and I were successful in our assessment over the weekend. Daytime navigation was a 4 hr walk on Pendle Hill on day 1 and a 6 hour walk on the moors around Widdup and Haworth on day 2, both in bright sunshine. Our night nav was 3 hours on and around Winter Hill on a balmy summer evening with an almost full moon, and after my sessions with you I found it pretty straightforward. Many thanks again” Advanced navigation and night Navigation course
Jennifer Raffle

“Attended Ian’s course on the Saturday – we had lovely weather, not sure how he managed to pull that one off! I learnt a lot and feel much more confident about my navigational skills – just need to go and put them into practice now. Ian was also a mine of information about the area and the wildlife – I would highly recommend attending one of his courses, it was thoroughly enjoyable.”
Nikki Skegg

“Ian, just wanted to say thank you for the great navigation course on Sunday. It’s amazing just how much you can learn in a day, I should have done it years ago!”
Andrea Steel

“How satisfying?… using skills, developed recently with you on your Navigation Course, while out in mist on Gable, and having the mist lift to reveal exactly what was envisaged… Seriously satisfying!”
David Hecker 

“Very good navigation course well thought out and done in two parts. The morning was set around the Langsett area and the afternoon was set in the trickier terrain of Bleaklow. I picked up a lot of very useful knowledge. I feel more confident reading a map and using a compass and look forward to getting out and practising. Thank you Ian!”
Ellen Brooks 

“Fantastic navigation course, despite the terrible weather! Ian is very helpful and competent guide. I now feel confident & reassured map reading and navigating having brushed up on my skills. Great course, very helpful, I would highly recommend. Thank you”
Tammy Elston

“I have just attended my first basic navigational course, because I needed to learn more about map reading, and using a compass properly! My mentor was Ian Winterburn. Ian was the perfect tutor for the complete novice like myself as he has an abundance of enthusiasm for everything outdoors a wealth of knowledge and experience in both navigation and mountain craft. He has now given me the confidence to go out further and for longer on the fells. Thank you for a fantastic day, I would highly recommend this course for anyone who lacks confidence.”
Stuart Bond Dark Peak

“Thanks for organising a great day… A fantastic wealth of knowledge and expertise to learn from. I’m feeling more confident about navigating the hills and can’t wait to get out and practice the skills.”
Miss H