Going for a walk over the May Day Bank Holiday? then keep your eyes open.

Look out for your local Rescue Team over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

They will be out and about increasing awareness of this free emergency service run by volunteers 24-7. Not only do they provide a superb emergency service on and below the mountains but are regularly used to search for missing people, help police during times of flooding, provide support in evacuating drivers from stranded snow bound vehicles, the list is endless.

So much more than mountains!

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Mountain and cave rescue in the UK is delivered free of charge to the casualty. An entirely voluntary service, team members are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatever the weather. When that pager goes off, so do they.

Moutain Rescue Awareness Day


Teams are independent charities, each operating within their own geographical areas and often in collaboration with their neighbouring teams.

The 60 mountain and cave teams are represented within nine regional organisations: Lake District, Mid-Pennine, North East, North Wales, Peak District, Peninsula, North Wales, South Wales and South West. And, in turn, representatives from the teams and regions form the national body: Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW).

MREW, a registered charity in its own right, performs a number of functions on behalf of teams and their members. It liaises with government departments in the running of mountain and cave rescue.

Funds raised centrally through sponsorship and events, donations and legacies are used to facilitate the research and development of equipment, provide training and conference opportunities and insurance for team members, and enable the central and bulk purchasing of equipment for the teams. MREW also underwrites the quarterly Mountain Rescue magazine.

Across England and Wales, teams work in a variety of environments, from high mountain crags, through rolling hills and moorland to lowland farm and woodland, and deep underground. More recently, prompted by an increase in civil flooding and water-related incidents, they have also developed swiftwater capabilities.

So much more than mountains? you better believe it..!