Last night was training night for Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team. A man was reported missing by his wife. He was believed to be somewhere north of Crowden on Black Hill.

The night exercise started at 8.00pm and finished at 5.00am. It was a very cold, clear night and the moon was fantastice. We had ice forming onour clothes andrucsacs. The Exercise was an interesting developing scenario. Whilst searching for the missing man, age 60, we found a woman covered in blood (exercise purposes only!) with no injuries….curious? It later transpired she was with the missing, married, male and was his “female companion”. They had had an argument with him and she had hit him!

He was later found, at approx 2.00am, with a head wound and fractured lower leg near Wriggles Cabin. After dealing with his injuries we packed him up and stretchered him off to Holme.

On returning to base we had a debrief on the exercise where “Wife”, “Mising Male” and “Female Companion” were reunited much to the mirth of the team.

Apologies to those 6-8 wild campers who were woken whilst we looking for the casualty. They took it in good humour (wild, they were positively furious) as they realised one day they may be the ones being looked for.

It is worth noting that though the temperature was well below zero with a biting windchill around -10. We managed to get some warm food and drink down in relative comfort on the summit of Black Hill which goes to show if you have the right kit you can survive any where.

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